eflow and Refinitiv Announce New Market Data Service Agreement

London, November , 2020

London-based regulatory compliance firm eflow have today announced that they will be working with Refinitiv in order to further improve the existing market data store currently used in eflow’s award winning Trade Surveillance platform TZ.

As a global leader in the provision and supply of data to the financial community, Refinitiv provides access to the widest range of cross-asset market and pricing data, covering up to 90 million instruments from 150,000 sources, including 68,000 public companies.

With this arrangement, eflow will gain access to this industry-leading market data coverage. TZ – eflow’s flagship compliance software – makes use of market data for the purposes of running tests and generating alerts on client data to ensure proper compliance with a variety of global regulatory standards.

The benefits of this fast delivery will be felt first and foremost by eflow’s TZ clients

The extensive market data coverage offered by Refinitiv will both increase the number of instruments and records available for testing in TZ, and strengthen the accuracy of any alerts generated. With this enhancement made to eflow’s library of market data, TZ’s ability to provide reliable and efficient regulatory compliance has never been greater.

Refinitiv also boasts one of the fastest market data delivery times of any provider thanks to their low-latency optimization and cloud delivery options.

The benefits of this fast delivery will be felt first and foremost by eflow’s TZ clients. Utilising Refinitiv data will allow client trade data to be processed faster than ever, meaning a more efficient workflow for compliance teams using TZ.

Ben Parker, CEO of eflow, has made his excitement about this new arrangement known. ‘Refinitiv are industry leaders in the market data space, and we at eflow are delighted to begin utilising Refinitiv data,’ says Parker. ‘The tick history service offered by Refinitiv will be a welcome contribution to the multi-asset global data coverage already available to the TZ user base.’

Janelle Veasey, Head of Real-Time Data at Refinitiv, added: “We’re delighted to provide our comprehensive global market data to help power eflow’s trade surveillance services and assist its customers in meeting their regulatory obligations.”



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