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eflow is a market-leading, UK-based fintech company specialising in regulatory compliance solutions. We offer a number of services intended to help investment firms understand and comply with complex financial regulations enacted by global regulatory bodies. Our solutions can help firms located both within and outside of the European Union to achieve this goal. All of our services are regularly updated to adhere to any new regulations which have been passed.

One of our top priorities is to ensure that our solutions stay constantly up to date with any and all new financial regulations which have been passed. As of July 2019, our solutions cover MiFID II, MiFIR, MAD II, MAR, Dodd-Frank and Volcker Rule, just to name a few.

We pride ourself on our bespoke approach to regulatory compliance. We are willing to work with our clients to find a solution that works for them, and our expert support team will ensure you have all the information you need to make the most of our services.

Our Products

TZ is our trade surveillance software, which runs on our patented PATH technology. TZ allows our clients to test millions of trades per day against a number of benchmarks to highlight any compliance violations which have taken place.

We can test for over 15 different forms of market abuse, 6 forms of best execution, and insider trading. All in all, TZ contains over 30 individual tests. Every one of these tests can be configured using customizable parameters to ensure that your firm’s needs are being met.

All of eflow’s solutions are built using the same core technology – PATH. PATH (or Peer Application Transaction Hub) is a patented workflow hub which serves as the foundation for all of our regulatory solutions. It enables simple user control across all of our products, enables simple exception management within TZ and, for no extra cost, provides all users with a complete collection of their data – a comprehensive digital data warehouse, ready to be accessed at a moment’s notice. This allows MiFID-compliant transaction reports to be compiled quickly and easily.

Whatever your firm’s needs, eflow has a solution that’s tailor-made for you.

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Most regulatory compliance providers waste time and resources creating client systems from the ground up whenever they sign a new client. This slows down the onboarding and implementation process, takes resources away from support teams, and can negatively impact user experience.

eflow approaches compliance differently. Thanks to our pattented PATH technology, we are able to generate user-friendly systems in a fraction of the time it would take our competitors without sacrificing any flexibility. All TZ systems created using the PATH platform are entirely customisable, meaning they can fit the needs of any firm, regardless of their size or the number of transactions they need to test.

PATH also provides a stability and reliability which other compliance solutions lack. Systems built from scratch haven’t been tested in the real world yet. But we already know that PATH works. It’s been powering our solutions for 15 years, and has proven its effectiveness time and time again, helping countless clients meet their regulatory compliance needs.

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