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Best Execution for Modern Markets

Best Execution requirements state that traders, brokers, investment firms and execution desks must consistently achieve the best possible results when trading on behalf of their clients. The sheer number and variety of global regulations that enforce this concept can be almost impossible to keep track of. Our best execution solutions can help.

When the first Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) was implemented by the EU, firms were forced to take ‘all reasonable steps’ to deliver the best possible result for clients. That remained true until MiFID II was implemented in January 2018. In RTS 27 and RTS 28, MiFID’s best execution standards were strengthened further. Today, if firms wish to comply with MiFID II best execution guidelines, they must take ‘all sufficient steps’ to deliver the best result for clients. You can read pdf versions of RTS 27 and 28 here and here.

Under these stricter regulations, your firm needs an intuitive, up-to-date and comprehensive best execution solution. TZ can provide just that.

eflow’s TZ system can provide bespoke solutions for all varieties of financial firm. The flexibility of TZ enables firms to define their own parameters and logic when implementing best execution policies. It also allows firms to provide a practical demonstration to their clients of the efforts being made to reach MiFID II compliance.

Instant analysis of millions of trades against a number of benchmarks is just one of the benefits your firm will get from TZ. It also provides unparalleled flexibility: totally customisable parameters and the ability to compile bespoke reports set it apart from other best execution software solutions currently on the market.

Key Features

Global multi-venue analysis

Customisable settings and parameters

Immediate access to all data in TZ

Preset and bespoke reports

Large-volume data handling

Intuitive workflow including exclusion-based alert generation

LME Requests Six-Month Delay to Telephone Trading Compliance

LME Requests Six-Month Delay to Telephone Trading Compliance The London Metal Exchange (LME) has stated that it will take an extra six months to ensure that trades made via telephone are compliant with new transparency requirements implemented as part of MiFID II.  The European Securities and...

MiFID II Unbundling Relief Period Extended to 2023 by SEC

MiFID II Unbundling Relief Period Extended to 2023 by SEC The US Securities and Exchange Commission has granted a three-year extension to the MiFID II relief period for American firms. The SEC will allow US brokers to continue bundling execution and research payments for another three years. In...

ESMA Launches Consultation Paper on Position Limits in Commodity Derivatives

ESMA Launches Consultation Paper on Position Limits and Position Management in Commodity Derivatives ESMA has launched a consultation paper intended to gather information on the ‘impact of position limits on liquidity, market abuse and orderly pricing and settlement conditions in commodity...

Communication Recording and MiFID II: How To Stay Compliant

MiFID II Communication Reporting: Stay Compliant As part of MiFID II’s aim to generate greater market transparency, firms are now required to record all voice communications which result in a transaction being completed. These requirements extend to include trades made by telephone, text, any kind...

ESMA Updates Transparency Calculations For Equity And Equity-Like Instruments

ESMA Updates Results of Annual Transparency Calculations for Equity and Equity-Like Instruments On September 23rd, ESMA began to make available the updated annual transparency calculations for equity and equity-like instruments. ESMA has claimed that these updated results will account for and aim...

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With TZ, you won’t need to worry about the possibility of incompatible asset classes. The diagram below indicates what asset classes are covered by the TZ system. If you’d like to see more asset classes included, feel free to call us at +44 (0) 207 101 4493

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