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MiFID II Inducements: How Should You Handle Them?

Inducements Under MiFID II MiFID, the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, is a fundamental part of the financial law in the European Union. It sets out standards for investment services and activities across the EU, although its influence...

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Regulating The Crowdfunding Market

Stronger Regulation Needed for the Crowdfunding Market The international crowdfunding market has seen incredible growth over the last seven years. In fact, in 2010 the overall funding raised via this method hadn’t even hit the $1 billion mark, and...

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MiFID II, Crypto Assets and the Cryptocurrency Market

MiFID II, Crypto Assets and the Cryptocurrency Market In December of 2017, Bitcoin made international headlines after its value skyrocketed to just under 15,000 GBP per bitcoin. The rate of growth which Bitcoin exhibited throughout 2017, as well as...

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ESMA’s Approach to a No-Deal Brexit

How will ESMA respond to a no-deal Brexit? In recent months, the political landscapes of both Britain and mainland Europe have been dominated by talks of Brexit. Perhaps more than any other event in recent history, Brexit will seriously impact the...

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MiFID II as World Standard

MiFID II: No Longer Just for Europe While a number of American firms have chosen to adhere to certain regulations laid out by MiFID II, it has not as of yet been implemented as law in the United States. Not only that, but some regulations put in...

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The One-Year Anniversary of MiFID II

MiFID II One Year On This January marks the one year anniversary of MiFID II’s implementation. The alterations to the financial sector that this regulatory framework proposes are vast in scope; one year on, it is worth questioning how effective...

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