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Senior Technical Support



Occasional Travel


Role Summary

This is an important role within the Business. The holder of this role has a responsibility to understand every facet of the eflow’s Regulatory Compliance product TZ, including its creation in development and delivery as a service to the client.

It is expected that the holder will interact with the key areas of Support (BAU and Onboarding), Infrastructure, Programmes, Core Development and Model Dev, but they will report directly to the Head of Programmes and eventually the Support Manager.

Primary Responsibilities

As Senior Technical Support, your role will involve:

  • The categorisation, prioritisation, assignment of support tickets from clients
  • Regular communication on progress of support work
  • Performing investigations on tickets, collecting data and reports from numerous systems, departments and individual stakeholders to find a resolution
  • Creating briefing papers yourself and preparing all briefing papers to be discussed at product meetings
  • Assisting as technical advisor to Support Manager/Data Analysts/Business Analysts on client system handovers
  • Providing training if necessary
  • Providing support and assistance under the instructions of the infrastructure team where necessary, including on:
    • Daily loads
    • hardware and software challenges that may arise
  • Providing assistance internally to Data Analysts and Model Developers that may arise in the course of their individual roles
  • The accurate and timely execution of critical procedural tasks using eflow’s, and it’s partners’, system administration tools.
  • Setting up client system environments with eflow’s Cloud infrastructure
  • Supporting major incident management and problem management processes as required

Reporting Lines

  • Direct reporting lines to Systems Architect, Product Managerm CTO, Programmes Manager and Support Manager
  • All tasks and avctivities to be directed from and processed through Programmes


  • Ability to manage your own time, meeting internal deadlines
  • Ability to maintain and improve your knowledge in relation to the product and the markets to which it applies, i.e. TZ and regulatory compliance in financial markets respectively
  • Ability to communicate effectively, liasing with business managers and end users to understand business requirements, ensuring that system deliverables are met in line with these
  • Working with client development and infrastructure teams to communicate business objectives and requirements, and making decissions on delivery options
  • Ability to communicate with eflow Model and Development teams to make recommendations for system improvements
  • Ability to understand dependencies between projects and advise colleagues on these as appropriate

Performance Measurements

Given that all company functions will be passing through programmes, we will be measuring all of the company metrics from Programmes. Ability to hit deadlines and organising will be the two most important metrics. More details around these will be delivered as part of your regular reviews.

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