Global trends in market abuse and trade surveillance

Published February 2024

The regulatory pressures facing financial firms have never been greater or more diverse. As the financial services sector becomes increasingly globalised and diversified, regulators are demanding that institutions implement more robust regulatory controls to protect the interests of their clients and uphold market integrity.

With all of these points in mind, eflow commissioned independent researchers that specialise in financial regulation to undertake qualitative and quantitative analysis of the global trends in market abuse and trade surveillance.

What’s included?

Quantitative analysis on market abuse enforcement from 2019-2023 across 8 jurisdictions

Key enforcement case studies showing how market abuse is being handled by regulators

Analysis of the role of AI, digital currencies and social media on market abuse

Survey results from over 200 compliance professionals

Interviews with leading professionals from across the globe

Analysis of how regulators are responding to these threats through collaboration and investment in technology

Report mockup

Key findings:

  • 60% of firms are struggling to keep up with evolving regulations
  • 81% of firms feel under pressure from regulators to be transparent about their compliance processes
  • 57% of firms believe that the accelerated use of AI is most likely to cause compliance issues in the next year
  • 96% of firms are planning to invest in technology in 2024 to help mitigate compliance issues