Market Abuse

TZ for Market Abuse combines the benefits of a comprehensive, off-the-shelf solution with the adaptability and flexibility of a custom-built solution and offers the following features:

  • Helps reduce false positives through customizable parameters, business logic editing capabilities and exception based handling
  • Provides regular upgrades in line with new regulatory requirements and industry best practices across asset classes and global regulatory authorities
  • Makes it easy to create, schedule and share custom reports, including charts and graphs
  • Minimizes IT requirements by hosting via eflow’s infrastructure
  • Enables firms to enforce defined compliance workflow, maintain complete audit trails of alert investigations and documentation, and generate comprehensive management reports across the alert database.

TZ – Surveillance for Market Abuse offers the following benefits:

  • Cover the regulatory requirements of MAD, MAD II and MAR
  • Detects changes in trading activity patterns that may be potential abuse
  • Helps you respond to all regulatory or stakeholder queries