Market Abuse Solutions

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Exception Based Testing

Set your own benchmarks and parameters. Any transaction that doesn’t meet your criteria will generate an alert which you can examine.

Customisable Parameters

TZ’s settings and test parameters are entirely customisable, giving you complete control over the alerts you see. 

Global Multi-Venue Analysis

Market data is collected from over 250 global sources by our partner ICE (Intercontinental Exchange) data services.

Preset and Bespoke Reports

TZ offers a wide range of preset and bespoke market abuse reports, as well as internal management reports.

Large Volume Data Handling

TZ can ingest and process extremely large volumes of data – millions of trades can be processed every day.

Analysis of Unstructured Data

Telephone calls, emails and instant messages can be incorporated into TZ’s market abusing testing and alert generation.

Market Abuse Solutions for modern markets

Being able to prevent and detect market abuse infringements has never been more important for firms. Implementing a comprehensive market abuse solution is the easiest way to ensure that your firm keeps up to date with the latest regulations and legislations laid out by ESMA, the SEC or any National Competent Authority.

eflow is here to help. Since 2009, our TZ system has helped firms comply with all the latest market abuse regulations. In 2016, it underwent a major update to ensure full compliance with ESMA’s MAR guidelines (see here for a PDF overview of MAR).

We are committed to staying ahead of all market abuse regulations. We continue to work closely with industry experts and regulators for both development stages, and still run quarterly development cycles to make sure our product is always up to date with the latest requirements put forward by governing bodies and NCAs across the globe.

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Covered Asset Classes

The TZ system can process a wide variety of asset classes. The diagram below indicates what asset classes are covered by the TZ system.

Why Choose TZ?

ESMA began cracking down on market abuse with the 2003 Market Abuse Directive (MAD). 13 years later, MAR solidified and developed upon many of these earlier regulations.

It’s never been more important to have a comprehensive system in place to counter market abuse and understand the ways it might occur. 

Any such system will need to be regularly updated to meet the changing market abuse regulations, and will need to be able to reduce the risk of false positives – a problem often made worse by legacy systems that tend to struggle with time pressure and large volumes of data.

With TZ for Market Abuse and Insider Trading, you will have all the benefits of an off-the-shelf solution with the adaptability and flexibility of a custom-built solution. It’s incredibly easy to use and can handle the large-scale reporting measures you’ll need for MAR compliance.

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