The eflow story - An evolution over two decades

Eflow has been supporting financial institutions to meet their regulatory obligations for more than 20 years. Find out more about this journey, our unique approach to regulatory technology, and the team of experts behind our success.

Since 2004, eflow has had a clear mission: to help financial institutions meet their regulatory obligations in the most robust and efficient way possible.

To achieve this, we first had to identify why so many firms either struggled to demonstrate their compliance or spent far too much time, effort and money in doing so. We found that for many institutions, their regulatory processes were broken. An over-reliance on spreadsheets and siloed data. Slow, legacy reporting systems that were no longer fit for purpose. Or, an unscalable point of failure in the form of one person ‘who has always looked after compliance’.

Many compliance professionals felt the only way to meet their increasingly complex regulatory obligations was to dedicate significant budgets, teams of people, or countless hours of work to create their own bespoke solution. Surely, the most effective way to solve a problem is to design a product that meets your own specific needs?

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However, we foresaw that this approach was fundamentally flawed. Regardless of whether the systems were built in-house or by a third party, a bespoke solution is immediately moving towards the end of its viable shelf life as soon as it is launched. The only way of mitigating against this threat is to constantly evolve and enhance the solution, which can only be achieved at great cost and investment of time.

Here at eflow, we took a different approach. Rather than building each client their own unique regulatory platform, we built an operating system. This is the premise behind PATH; a standardised digital infrastructure that acts as the foundation of each modular product available to our clients, but with the ability to configure them to their unique requirements. This means that we can deploy new functionality and enhancements in a quick, efficient and seamless way, while still delivering digital tools that evolve and scale with each individual organisation.

This means that as new regulatory challenges arise, as they inevitably will, you can rest assured that eflow’s regulatory tools will already be one step ahead.