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TZ Trade Surveillance

Post-trade surveillance system for best execution, market abuse and Transaction Cost Analysis.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory reporting and MiFID II record-keeping solutions. US coverage as well.

Trade Lifecycle Management

Simplify and automate the entire trade process from order to settlement. 

PATH – Our Platform

 Learn more about PATH – the platform we use to build all of our solutions. 

TZ Trade Surveillance


A different kind of trade surveillance solution.

TZ is our trade surveillance software. It’s built with PATH – the platform we use to power all of our solutions.

TZ has over 30 tests. It can test for market abuse, insider trading, best execution and tradng patterns. All these tests come with customisable parameters so you can be sure your firm’s needs are being met.

TZ has been designed to comply with MiFID II, and a wide range of other EU regulations. It also covers Dodd-Frank and Volcker Rule in the US.

Award-winning quality.

TZ won Best TCA Tool at the 2020 European TradingTech Insight Awards, and it’s just been nominated for Best Trade Surveillance Solution and Best TCA Solution at the 2020 RegTech Insight Awards.

We’d like to thank A-Team for their acknowledgement. We’ve worked hard to provide a trade surveillance software that meets our clients’ needs – and this recognition proves it.

The three main modules of TZ.

Best Execution

TZ’s best execution functionality is industry leading. It uses exception based testing to analyse client data against benchmarks and parameters that you can set yourself. This data is tested against reference and market data from over 250 global sources. RTS 27 and 28 functionality included.

Market Abuse

TZ offers over 15 tests and alerts that investigate different forms of market manipulation and insider trading. It can analyse unstructured data, compile instant reports, and give you access to all your trade data at the click of a button. As with all other TZ areas, you can also calibrate your parameters to suit your needs.

Transaction Cost Analysis

Winner of best Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) Tool at the European 2020 TradingTech Insight Awards, TZ’s TCA functionality is second-to-none. It offers flexible benchmarking, large-volume data handling, preset and bespoke reports and global multi-venue analysis.

Regulatory Compliance

Keeping up with regulatory requirements is hard. MiFID II has introduced new reporting requirements and new data storage requirements.

Our regulatory compliance solutions have been built specifically to help firms manage all these new regulations.

You can generate bespoke and premade reports. You can store large volumes of data, and access it at the click of a button.

And it’s all powered by PATH – our solution platform designed specifically to deal with high volumes of data.

Regulatory Reporting Modules

MiFID II Record Keeping

MiFID II states that all orders, transactions, communications and documentation must be stored for up to 7 years in write once, read many file format. Our MiFID II Record Keeping solution allows you to do this easiliy, no matter how much data your firm has. All this data can then be compiled into reports at the click of a button. 

Regulatory Reporting

We offer MiFID II, MiFIR, SFTR and REMIT reporting solutions for any size of firm. Our reporting solutions can ingest and process huge volumes of data and instantly compile detailed and comprehensive reports. It’s a flexible and scalable approach to help your firm meet a variety of complex reporting requirements. 

Trade Lifecycle Management

Every stage of a trade needs to be recorded. As you can guess, this gets pretty complicated. Front office, middle office, back office, buy-side, sell-side – data needs to flow freely between all these groups.

Our trade lifecycle management solutions can help.

Our PATH platform allows data in different formats to move between different sources without any human intervention. This wastes less time and reduces the risk of error.

PATH – Our Platform

PATH is the engine that powers eflow. Every one of our solutions is built using PATH. Always has been, always will be.

Put simply, it’s a collection of tools and functions that can be used in all kinds of different ways.

Every time one of our developers makes something new, it gets added to PATH for all of our clients to use. If you start using one of our solutions, you’ll get access to over 2 decades of development work in a matter of weeks. 

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