Trade Surveillance

Keep your firm competitive and meet best practice requirements around trade
compliance with TZ for Trade Surveillance.

Regulatory Compliance

Keep up to date with the latest transaction reporting regulations.

Trade Lifecycle Management

Reduce risk and create a more resilient environment for investment with
eflow’s Trade Lifecycle Management.

The PATH Platform

eflow’s core technology. Deliver operational risk reduction, processing
cost containment and total transparency with PATH.

About Us

eflow is a market-leading provider of trade surveillance systems, MiFID II record keeping solutions, Trade Lifecycle Management and more. 

The regulatory solutions we offer will allow your firm to comply with a wide range of financial regulations, including MiFID II and MAR. Our core technology – PATH (Peer Application Transaction Hub) – is specifically designed to simplify all forms of trade compliance.

No matter the size or nature of your firm, eflow will be able to meet your regulatory compliance requirements. 

MiFID II, Crypto Assets and the Cryptocurrency Market

MiFID II, Crypto Assets and the Cryptocurrency Market In December of 2017, Bitcoin made international headlines after its value skyrocketed to just under 15,000 GBP per bitcoin. The rate of growth which Bitcoin exhibited throughout 2017, as well as in the years prior,...

ESMA’s Approach to a No-Deal Brexit

In recent months, the political landscapes of both Britain and mainland Europe have been dominated by talks of Brexit. Perhaps more than any other event in recent history, Brexit will seriously impact the state of markets across the whole of Europe. In particular, the...

MiFID II as World Standard

While a number of American firms have chosen to adhere to certain regulations laid out by MiFID II, it has not as of yet been implemented as law in the United States. Not only that, but some regulations put in place by the SEC actively contradict the European...

The One-Year Anniversary of MiFID II

This January marks the one year anniversary of MiFID II’s implementation. The alterations to the financial sector that this regulatory framework proposes are vast in scope; one year on, it is worth questioning how effective these proposed changes have been. Has MiFID...

Platforms being forced to change strategy following MiFID II

Financial advisers may be forced to leave behind old legacy platforms and wraps in favour of newer systems if they wish to achieve total MiFID II-compliance. Investment platforms have become increasingly commonplace in the past several years. Since just 2008, the...

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