Enjoy full regulatory compliance with eflow, a market-leading provider of trade surveillance systems, MiFID II record keeping solutions and more.

Trade Compliance and Trade Surveillance

An effective trade surveillance system will help your firm to meet new trade compliance standards.

It’s easy to be daunted by the growing number of regulatory requirements, but make trade compliance a priority. With an efficient system like TZ for Trade Surveillance, you can keep your firm competitive and meet the best practice requirements around trade compliance, as set out in the EU’s Market Abuse Regulation (MAR).


Regulatory Solutions

With MiFID II placing greater focus on record keeping, firms need to have robust, efficient transaction reporting systems in place.

Transaction reporting is now a crucial part of trade compliance. New regulations, which will help regulators to detect and prevent market abuse, now require firms to submit and securely store large quantities of detailed data regarding client transactions.

Find out more about how the eflow regulatory solutions can help your firm to meet MiFID II’s record keeping and transaction reporting requirements.


Trade Life cycle Management

Financial firms are struggling to navigate their way through an increasingly complex financial regulatory landscape.

Trade lifecycle management is designed to reduce risk and create a more resilient environment for investment. But with tougher standards for trade compliance each year, it can be hard for firms to keep up to date with the regulations they should be following. Eflow’s PATH system is flexible, highly scalable and designed to make trade lifecycle management much easier.


The PATH Platform

Our PATH (Peer Application Transaction Hub) technology is designed to simplify the path to trade compliance.

PATH is our core technology that helps to deliver operational risk reduction, processing cost containment and total transparency on business processes. It’s easily integrated, so there’s no disruption in your day-to-day processes, and one of the easiest routes to regulatory compliance.


Market leading provider of regulatory compliance, trade lifecycle management and white labeling solutions.

Transaction Cost Analysis

Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) is an essential part of modern trade compliance, and helps to determine whether a transaction was completed at the best price for the client.

Our TZ for Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) solution helps firms to understand whether the correct procedure was followed in line with MiFID II regulations and your best execution policy. It offers complete access to stored data, simplifying your transaction reporting process, and adapts to the latest regulatory requirements in real time.


Best Execution

The MiFID II best execution standards require firms to take “all sufficient sufficient steps” to deliver the best results for clients.

As part of an effort to improve transparency across the market, firms will need to take measures to monitor and assess performances in terms of best execution. TZ for Best Execution gives firms access to instant reporting and analysis, and offers bespoke solutions for all varieties of financial firm.


Market Abuse

Make the detection and prevention of market abuse simple for your firm.

At eflow, we work closely with industry experts and regulators to ensure our product is always up to date with the latest market abuse regulations. TZ for Market Abuse is a solution that’s both comprehensive and flexible, and gives your firm full compliance with MAD, MAD II and MAR.


Enjoy full regulatory compliance with eflow, a market-leading provider of trade surveillance systems, MiFID II record keeping solutions and more.

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