Solutions For Principal Firms

We provide regulatory compliance solutions for principal firms with an obligation to monitor the activity of its appointed representatives.

The Solutions We Offer to Principal Firms

  • Market Abuse
  • Best Execution
  • Transaction Reporting
  • Trade Surveillance for Market Abuse

    Market abuse and trade surveillance solutions for principal firms.

    Monitor the trading activity of all ARs for potentially abusive or manipulative trading.

    Flexible calibration options allow you to monitor all ARs in a single TZ system, or set up individual systems for each AR. Our business analysis team will help you decide which option is best for you.

    TZ offers post-trade surveillance with tests for over 35 different forms of market abuse and market manipulation.

    Use conditional parameters to account for complex criteria such as trading strategies and reduce false positives by dynamically adjusting to market movements.

    Stay compliant with global market abuse regulations from all financial regulators, including FCA, SEC, FINRA, AMF, CySEC, MAS and more.

    Automatically run market abuse tests for Insider Trading / Insider Dealing, Spoofing, Marking the Open / Marking the Close, Wash Trading, Pinging, Layering, Ramping, Churning, Pump and Dump, Painting the Tape and more.

    Compile similar alerts into convenient groups and bulk process them to streamline your compliance workflow.

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    Best Execution Monitoring, Reporting and Transaction Cost Analysis

    Best execution and TCA solutions for principal firms.

    Monitor ARs to ensure they are complying with best execution regulations. Monitor ARs in a single system or with an individual system for each AR.

    TZ offers best execution monitoring, RTS 27 and RTS 28 best execution reporting, and transaction cost analysis.

    Automatically run best execution tests against a range of benchmarks including VWAP, Time, Venue, Implementation Shortfall and Best Bid/Ask.

    Set test parameters dynamically to automatically account for variables to reduce false positive. Set conditional parameter values based on a number of reference and market data metrics, and customise parameters based on any field within your data.

    Compile similar alerts into convenient groups and bulk process them to streamline your compliance workflow

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    EMIR, MiFIR and SFTR Transaction Reporting

    EMIR, MiFIR and SFTR transaction reporting solutions for principal firms.

    Transaction reporting for both primary and secondary market clients.

    TZTR provides control over the entire reporting lifecycle from order to settlement.

    Perform automatic 3-way reconciliation on all trade data to ensure accuracy from source (trading system), to intermediary (ARM/TR) to NCA.

    Ingest response files from regulators, ARMs and TRs and make edits to your reports on a field-by-field basis without leaving the system.

    Automatic submission and resubmission of reports to reduce workload.

    Automatically cross reference all records against the FIRDs register to ensure eligibility.

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