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MiFID II, implemented by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), is designed to make financial markets more efficient and resilient. It focuses on improving transactional transparency, strengthening the protection of investors and preventing market abuse from occurring.

With around 30,000 pages of rules, the implementation of this new regulatory framework marks the biggest change to financial markets in a decade. While technically a European piece of legislation, MiFID II has fundamentally altered financial institutions around the world.

eflow remains at the forefront of the evolving regulatory landscape, with its proven framework for regulatory compliance. Stay on top of ESMA’s financial regulations with eflow.

Key Features

Regulatory systems that are simple and
easy to use

Bespoke settings, parameters and reporting measures to fit your firm’s requirements

A combination of workflow, middleware, business decision rules, aggregation, case management and an embedded toolkit

Access to all data stored in TZ and the ability to data mine

Fully compliant with MiFID II and the Market Abuse Directive (MAD)

With the implementation of the new Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II),regulatory compliance is top of the agenda for financial firms around the world. Stay on top of this complex legislation with eflow’s regulatory solutions.

Changes Caused by MiFID II

It’s hard to argue against the fact that MiFID II has significantly changed the financial landscape since it came into effect on January 3rd, 2018. While the changes that ESMA outlined in this landmark piece of legislation are hugely wide-ranging, there are some key core concepts that underline MiFID II. Four of the biggest changes include:

These updated measures in MiFID II represent a major shift in the day-to-day practices of financial firms, with a greater focus on fintech.

To achieve regulatory compliance, a firm’s systems, organisational processes and tools will all need to meet strict new standards. It is particularly important that firms use fintech software that is specifically designed to meet the latest regulatory requirements: eflow’s regulatory compliance solutions are intended to do just that.

Two of the most pressing issues are transactional reporting and data storage. The updates made to transaction reporting will help regulators detect and prevent market abuse, offering increased protection to the client behind the transaction and anyone working on behalf of the client putting. But, to do this, regulators need a greater amount of detailed and accurate data from firms. Firms will also be required to store this data for a period of minimum five years – a significant increase from the current MiFID stipulation of six months.

These changes put pressure on firms with old, legacy systems that may not be able to handle the time-sensitive nature of regulatory reporting or the volume of data demanded. With that in mind, eflow’s regulatory compliance solutions are a necessity for any firm hoping to keep on top of ESMA’s complex legislations.

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