Trade Surveillance

Trade Surveillance is a key element of financial services compliance with the EU’s Market Abuse Regulations (MAR).

In an effort to create a more efficient, transparent marketplace for firms and clients, compliance with MAR now requires firms to monitor trades and work to prevent insider trading and market manipulation.

Our Trade Surveillance solution helps firms to fulfil their requirements around trade surveillance and compliance monitoring. It’s fully customisable and flexible, and a comprehensive step to financial services compliance with MAR.


Regulatory Solutions

New regulations require firms to make a major shift in the systems and tools they use. Find out how our regulatory solutions can help with your financial compliance.

With the changes enforced by MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) coming into force in January 2018, financial services compliance rests on the use of robust, up-to-date software and processes.

Newly implemented trade reporting regulations will require firms to report basic details on their trades almost immediately through an APA (Approved Publication Arrangement) who is authorised to publish the report. Transaction reporting, on the other hand, is submitted to regulators and used to detect market abuse.

eflow’s compliance services will account for the regulatory reporting requirements of trade and transaction reporting, along with the best execution requirements of RTS 27 and 28, giving your firm full financial compliance without the headache.


Trade Lifecycle Management and Straight Through Processing

With more regulatory requirements than ever before, many firms are struggling to process increasingly complex financial products.

After the implementation of MiFID II, European firms have more regulatory requirements than ever – but risks of not reaching financial compliance will also impact countries outside the EU.

It’s more important than ever for firms to be able to mitigate risk and create a safe and efficient environment for investment. eflow’s PATH platform offers firms an easy path to financial compliance, with enhanced operational controls, a highly scalable solution and reduced operational risk.


The PATH Platform

PATH (Peer Application Transaction Hub) is our core technology and the answer to financial compliance in the modern market.

The PATH system is designed to make the trade lifecycle process of financial firms much easier.

With technology and regulations constantly changing, it can be hard to keep up to date and achieve financial compliance for your firm. PATH is a comprehensive solution that can be easily integrated for minimal disruption. It offers total business process transparency through its trade management, monitoring and transactional workflow solutions, ensuring financial services’ compliance in a simple, effortless way.


Transaction Cost Analysis

Enhance your trading performance and adapt to new regulatory requirements in real time.

Meet MiFID II’s financial compliance standards and make sure your firm is taking “all sufficient steps” to give clients the best service - and transaction price - you can. With eflow’s Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) solution, you can meet all of MiFID II’s transaction reporting requirements with full data access, performance assessment tools and more.


Best execution

eflow’s best Execution solution offers instant analysis and fast reporting.

Best execution isn’t just about financial services compliance - it’s about proving you care about market transparency and achieving the best possible result for your clients when executing their orders. With TZ Best Execution, you can measure your firm’s execution standards and surpass the best execution requirements set out in MiFID II.


Market abuse

Prevent market abuse from occurring and achieve financial compliance for your firm.

With the EU’s Market Abuse Regulation increasing focus on the prevention of market abuse, firms must possess a comprehensive system for achieving financial services compliance. TZ for Market Abuse is flexible, regularly updated to meet the changing market, and able to handle large-scale reporting measures.


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