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PATH is the tool we use to build all of our solutions. Our developers have been building and improving it for over twenty years. Every time you buy one of our solutions, you're getting access to over two decades of development work.

real-world applications of path

PATH was designed specifically to be flexible and scalable. This means it can be tailored to provide a wide variety of solutions for a wide variety of firms. Its ability to provide bespoke solutions for almost any business set it apart from anything else currently offered on the market. As such, its potential real-world applications are nearly unlimited.

The products and services that can be built using PATH are too many to list here. However, for the sake of easy implementation, eflow maintains a library of standard PATH models. These standard models can be used by clients immediately as regulatory compliance solutions. The two primary standard models of PATH are:


TZ Trade Surveillance

Regulatory Reporting

You can learn more about these PATH models by clicking the images above.

The PATH Platform

PATH is the core technology that powers all of our solutions. It excels in providing workflow management applications. Learn more about what it can offer below. For more information, click ‘Get In Touch’ and fill out our contact form.

Exception Based Testing

Set your own benchmarks and parameters. Any transaction that doesn’t meet your criteria will generate an alert which you can examine.

Included Quality Assurance

All of the solutions that PATH provides come included with quality assurance provided by our technical support team.

Simple Integration

PATH can be integrated into your businesses current infrastructure with no disruption to established processes.

Workflow Management

Automate complex parts of your workflow procedure to limit the possibility of human error.

Large Volume Data Handling

PATH can ingest and store large volumes of data from a number of sources, all of which can be accessed immediately.

Immediate Access to Data

Reports can be compiled at any time and for any date range, allowing you to access all your data at the click of a button.

Our PATH (Peer Application Transaction Hub) software is at the heart of all of our solutions. It provides the architecture for all the services we provide, and its unique capabilities separate us from the rest of the market.

Significant operational risk reduction, processing cost containment, workflow management and process transparency are just some of the benefits that PATH provides. It also powers our regulatory compliance solutions by providing transaction management and trade monitoring capabilties.

PATH is also what allows our solutions to be as user-friendly as they currently are. It’s able to remain intuitive and simple without sacrificing any functionality. It is easily scalable and can be easiliy integrated into businesses of any size with next to no disruption to established processes.


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