Trade Lifecycle Management

Regulatory compliance for modern markets

With products and regulations constantly evolving, trade lifecycle management is undergoing rapid change. Since January 2018, European firms have had more regulatory requirements than ever before, and the ability to quickly reconstruct trade events has become essential for everything from regulatory compliance to risk

The Trade Lifecycle and PATH

The trade lifecycle is designed to mitigate risk and create an efficient and resilient environment for investment. As efforts are made to strengthen its resilience and encourage greater transparency across the market, it can be
hard for firms to keep up to date with the latest technology, innovation and regulation.

Many firms struggle to manually process increasingly complex financial products across a myriad of fragmented systems.

eflow’s PATH system is designed to make every step of the trade life cycle process much easier.

PATH is highly scalable and easily integrated into the existing back and middle office environments of banks, brokers and asset managers.

The PATH workflow model is a predefined solution, but it can be changed to give you greater flexibility with your trade life cycle management. PATH can be modified to reflect the client’s business needs and access their systems.

Models are available for:

  • Foreign Exchange
  • Money Market
  • Derivatives
  • Bonds
  • Securities 
  • Nominee
  • Custodian
  • Client Valuations
  • Static Data Aggregation
  • Dissemination


PATH’s Features

The PATH system is designed specifically to manage every stage of the trade lifecycle. It provides a streamlined approach to trade lifecycle management that will ensure your firm is as efficient as possible. Among other things, the PATH platform delivers:

  • Enhanced operational controls: by consolidating fragmented post-trade multi-asset infrastructures into one consolidated platform
  • A modern and efficient replacement for legacy systems and paper-based processes: PATH provides a single STP platform for improved return on investment (ROI)
  • A highly scalable solution: in the PATH system, increased trade volumes have minimal impact on operations and reduced operational costs
  • Total trade ownership: all user expectations will be met through the inbuilt exception handler
  • Reduced operational risk: achieved through an automated workflow-based solution.

PATH also provides a transparent and audited view across the full trade life cycle.

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