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Learn more about our award-winning Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) solution. TZ is our trade surveillance software - its transaction cost analysis functionality won best TCA tool at the European TradingTech Insight awards 2020. Get in touch to arrange a free proof of concept.
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TCA Regulations

MiFID II laid out stricter best execution regulations for asset managers. They now need to take ‘all sufficient steps’ to ensure the client gets the best possible deal.

TCA helps determine that best execution has been achieved.

Our TZ software can help firms run TCA on their data. You can run bespoke and preset reports, run implementation shortfall analysis, and use flexible benchmarking.

It’s a scalable and flexible solution for any type of firm.

Need Transaction Cost Analysis?

TZ is here to help.

TZ is our trade surveillance software. It has MiFID-compliant TCA functionality. It’s built with PATH – the platform we use to power all of our solutions. Here are a few of the things it can do.

Implementation Shortfall Analysis

Our TCA solution offers detailed and comprehensive implementation shortfall analysis and slippage calculation.

Flexible Benchmarking

Calculate execution price vs arrival price or end of day price and run best execution analysis.

Global Multi-Venue Analysis

Reference and market data is collected from over 250 global sources through our market data partners.

Preset and Bespoke Reports

TZ offers a wide range of best execution reports, including RTS 27 and RTS 28 functionality. 

Large Volume Data Handling

TZ can ingest and process extremely large volumes of data – millions of trades can be processed every day.

Immediate Access to Data

Reports can be compiled at any time and for any date range, allowing you to access all your data at the click of a button.

Covered Asset Classes

You don’t need to worry about incompatible asset classes with TZ. These are the asset classes TZ can process.


Global exchange trade CASH equties. Exchange-traded derivatives thereof. 

Foreign Exchange

FX spot, FX forwards and FX swaps.


FX, Indicies, Equities & Commodities. 

Debt Instruments

US treasuries, US agencies, US corp, EMEA & APC

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