Trade Surveillance

TZ is eflow’s complete post-trade surveillance platform. Ideal for trade surveillance and compliance monitoring, our solution covers the regulatory requirements of MiFID, MiFIR/MiFID II, MAD, MAD II, and EMIR and ESMA guidelines in Europe, as well as Dodd Frank, Volcker Rule and MAD in North America.

Finding the right trade surveillance systems

An effective trade surveillance system is key to providing clarity and transparency in today’s global market. With so many regulatory requirements to adhere to, a forward-thinking strategy around trade surveillance and compliance monitoring doesn’t just help you to meet regulations – it can help you surpass them. With the right trade surveillance systems, you can generate insight, reduce the risks of penalties and keep your firm competitive.

Why choose TZ?

TZ for Trade Surveillance or Market Abuse is our comprehensive solution for efficient trade surveillance and compliance monitoring. It helps firms meet best practice requirements for regulatory reporting and market manipulation detection, and is fully customisable to meet your specific trade surveillance needs. With the Trade Surveillance or Market Abuse product, you can enjoy all the benefits of an off-the-shelf solution with a flexible, tailored bespoke service.

TZ for Trade Surveillance or Market Abuse is fully compliant with the requirements set out in the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID I and II) and the Market Abuse Directive (MAD I and II), as well as North America’s Dodd Frank Reform, Volcker Rule and Market Abuse Directive.

Our TZ for Trade Surveillance or Market Abuse solution has been custom-built with the following features:

  • Fully customisable reporting, charts and graphs to ensure your firm’s specific requirements are being met. Unlike other trade surveillance systems, this data is extremely easy to generate.
  • A significant reduction in false positives through customisable parameters, business logic editing capabilities and exception-based handling. This gives you a better accuracy rate for your trade surveillance and compliance monitoring.
  • The ability to enforce defined compliance workflow and maintain complete audit trails of alert investigations and documentation.
  • The ability to generate comprehensive management reports across the alert database.
  • Hosting through the eflow infrastructure, to minimise disruption and IT requirements for your firm.

Our solution also comes with regular upgrades to ensure that your trade surveillance systems are fully up to date with the latest requirements. We aim to meet both financial regulations and best practices across asset classes and all global regulatory authorities.

TZ Surveillance for Market Abuse is designed to make market abuse detection simple. Our solution offers the following unique benefits:

  • Full compliance with the latest regulatory requirements of MAD, MAD II and MAR
  • The ability to detect changes in trading activity patterns, which may indicate market abuse in all categories of market manipulation and insider trading
  • Support in responding to regulatory or stakeholder queries


The core modules of TZ

Our TZ solution is offered on a trial basis. If you are interested in a free trial or you would like to make an appointment, please contact us here

What Asset Classes are Covered?

“It’s the intuitive nature of TZ that makes working with this solution so simple. The system is designed to be used by compliance and ultimately to save my time which is precious. I achieve so much more because of it.”  

 Compliance Officer at Top 10 Alternative Asset Manager

‘Eflow’s maturity as a software provider has restored my faith in a handshake. A promise that what was offered in project inception was delivered’

Compliance Officer at Leading UK AIM broker

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