Regulatory Compliance

Trade Surveillance Solutions

Market Abuse, Market Manipulation, Insider Trading and Trading Pattern tests and alerts. Exception-based testing to ensure compliance with MAR, MAD and other market abuse regulations.

TZ – A Consolidated Trade Surveillance Solution

TZ provides everything you need to ensure your firm remains compliant with market abuse regulations both in Europe and North America. Exception-based testing, alert generation, case management and the ability to compile reports at the click of a button.


Insider Trading

Two separate insider trading alerts that test for trading ahead of news and price movements

Market Manipulation

Alerts for wash trading, front running, pinging, quote stuffing, layering, spoofing and more

Trading Patterns

A range of alerts designed to test for various trading patterns such as ramping, churning and marking the close

Integrated Reporting

TZ is a fully consolidated regulatory compliance system. That means it can test records, trigger alerts and generate reports - all in one place. Once TZ has run trade surveillance testing on your records, you can quickly compile custom or preset reports with just a few clicks without leaving the software to access a separate reporting system. It's a streamlined approach to compliance.

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Trade Surveillance and COVID-19

In late May, the FCA released a Market Watch newsletter discussing the increased risk of market abuse during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our trade surveillance solution makes for a perfect solution to this increased risk.

You can read more about the link between Coronavirus and Market Abuse on our blog.

PATH - Our Development Platform

PATH is the platform we use to build all of our solutions. It's been consistently refined and updated for over 2 decades. It specialises in large-volume data handling and integration of multiple data sources. Some of its main features are listed below. 

Data Management

Process, sort and store extremely large volumes of data in any file format. 


Data Source Integration

Communicate between different data sources with effective straight-through processing.

Workflow Automation

Reduced risk of human error and increased efficiency.

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